They met in the grass, laughing and incoherent, and Toran's father let out a final whoop for sheer joy. He hitched at his short jacket and adjusted the metal-chased belt that was his one concession to luxury. His eyes shifted from one of the youngsters to the other, and then he said, a little out of breath, “You picked a rotten day to return home, boy!” “What? Oh, it is Seldon's birthday, isn't it?” I had to rent a car to make the trip here, and dragoon Randu to drive it.
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Postponements the melammeds were left in peace, and by an ukase issued in 1879 the idea of abolishing the heders was dropped. Towards the end of this period the Government abandoned altogether its attempts to reform the Jewish schools, and decided to liquidate its former activity in this direction.

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